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Phoenix Roasters Foundation is currently partnering with coffee farmers in

Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua

as we aim to bring dignified hope and relief in their communities,

so that the hope of Christ might reach the ends of the earth.

the caballeros


Our farmers in Panama, the Caballeros, are a multigenerational farming family. For three generations their farm has provided meaningful and dignified work that provides a livable income to local indigenous families. Their investment to the community doesn't just top with the farm, it stretches into their local community through dental work, providing food at a nearby hospital, and more. In addition, the Caballeros are using coffee to financially support close to one hundred missionaries stationed in gospel-hostile countries around the world.

The Navichocs


On Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, the Navichoc farm has been running for four generations. Their commitment to the community has been noticeable for even longer. Not only do they provide jobs to the community through their coffee farm, they also run a construction business that specializes in building homes for families across the country. The Navichocs are a mission driven family. They have planted churches, invested into the local education system, and provide crucial medical care to local women and children. Most recently, they have added a birthing center tho their church and have built a purification system to provide clean water to their community.

the hines


When Greg Hines felt called into ministry, he joined the staff of his church as their maintenance supervisor. Over the next few years, it became clear he and his wife Jean would expand their ministry by moving full-time to Honduras. They have been living in-country since 2017, training and teaching 155 single mothers to grow and produce the top coffee in the world. In their time there they have established Casa de Ruben, a house to assist those with physical disabilities and their families with the medical care they need.  They also help provide scholarships for those finishing high school so that they may have an opportunity to obtain higher education at a university.

Cultivate 435


Cultivate 435 is a ministry made up of coffee farmers that are believers working to make their communities a better place. Through supporting missionaries, working with churches, and working with schools, these coffee farmers are paving the way in Nicaragua for change locally and globally!

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