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housing for coffee pickers and families in panama

As the Caballero family employees indigenous workers, paying them livable wages is part of their mission to love them like Christ does. Phoenix partnered with the Caballero family to provide a 6 family apartment building for employees on the family coffee farm. Access to affordable housing benefited employees so they would not have to walk long distances to work and they did not have to be separated from their families during harvest seasons.

clean water for remote village in guatemala

For the village of San Juan Moca, many of the people had to spend an outrageous amount of money to buy drinking water from a local distributor. When Phoenix partnered with Pastor Rafael and his wife Maria, we were able to drill a well and provide clean water to the community for a much lower price. What small amount is charged for water goes back into the local church, which in turns serves the community and their needs.

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Literature for school in guatemala

Literature is a foundation for every other subject we learn in school. Through literature we learn to problem solve, imagine, write, read, talk, and think. That is why the Navichoc family believed it was integral for their local school to have access to it. Only having basic text books, the children of San Juan Moca did not have any literature to broaden their minds. With the heart and hands of the Navichocs combined with Phoenix's financial support, this school now has literature books. This will impact the children's future jobs, families, community, and beyond!

jobs in honduras

Ruben has become the inspiration for many in his community in Honduras. Once confined to a bed because of physical disabilities, he now has surpassed his families expectations in mobility. This is possible thanks to God working through the Hines to establish a medical facility for those like Ruben. They have created the Ruben house to help those with disabilities and eliminate the financial burden of medical expenses for families. This year, Phoenix helped ship equipment that allows Ruben to be able to use a computer. He now plans to create digital art to sell for a source of income.


missionary support

Panamanian and Nicaraguan believers are answering the call to bring the Good News of Jesus to the ends of the earth, and to places where people have never heard it. Phoenix's partnership with our coffee farmers helps supply funds for missionaries from Latin America to go to the 10-40 Window with the Gospel. Because of culture and ethnicity, they have advantages to reach people across the globe in ways that those from the United States can not.

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